Sunday, March 14, 2010

Usage of Baroque music

The researchers have proved that the baroque music has an ability to improve the capabilities of the brain, mind and memory. Also it can develop the skills of learning. It can uplift the health of the body.

Lots of schools, universities, work places and even in hospitals in all over the world use baroque music t uplift the brain capabilities.

So let’s take a look on how baroque music can do such miracles. Human brain reaches to its highest capability levels of learning or memory, when it is in ‘restfully alert state’. That means the brain can work properly when it is in a relaxed and restful mode. Bulgarian scientist Dr. George Lozanov has introduced to the world that the music can create that mental condition again and again. So the brain can be relaxed quickly. If the mind is relaxed then the body also automatically gets relaxed. Also if a person is in that mental condition, he can learn something very fast and it will retain in his memory for a long time.

If a rhythm of particular music stanza is similar to 60 beats per minute, it can help to relax the mental conditions very easily. The baroque music also has that feature. So it can reduce the stress of the human brain. Then both mind and body get relaxed. Not only for humans but also for plants and trees baroque music can be affected. The researchers have proven that baroque music has the ability to refresh the plants and increase their growth.

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